The Problem

Children are growing up in a world full of concrete and electronics. As the world continues to develop, access to and time spent in nature are becoming threatened. Children have told us they have never been off the pavement to explore or play! A lack of connection to wild spaces, threatens the future of these natural spaces.

The Solution

When children connect with the outdoors and open space—immersed in nature, they are more apt to care about the outdoors and love being there. Forming a connection with nature often leaves children feeling healthier, happier and connected to something larger than themselves. These connections often lead to dedication to protecting this scarce resource. Splash is passionate about protecting the natural world through ensuring that each new generation understands its impact on nature, and nature’s benefits to humanity.

Water and wildlife education

Who We Are

We are a small and passionate group of nature-lovers, scientists, and educators working toward ensuring every child has access to forming a connection with the natural world. We train teachers how to teach Science in a fun and engaging way. We teach both teachers and students about our natural habitat using our water pollution prevention-focused curricula. Knowledge taught in the classroom is applied through a culminating field trip to the Splash Science Center in Mather.  Splash is passionate about being the region’s resource for environmental outreach and education, and is dedicated to creating the next generation of nature stewards. We are ensuring that every child understands the impact they make on the environment, through the choices made at home and in their community.


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Students actively participating with Field Guide on a fieldtrip.

Who Loves Us

Thank you for giving our class such a lovely experience!  It was truly enjoyable to see all the cute critters in ‘Critterville.’  SPLASH is an amazing program!  It is not only great for preserving nature and animals such as vernal pools, but is fun and educational as well.  I want to recognize SPLASH for all the hard work put into creating our projects, presentations, materials, workbooks, etc.

Carissa, 5th Grade Student, Arlene Hein Elem., EGUSD

Not only did my class learn a lot, but I did as well. This generation is our future and it is important for them to see different parts of our ecosystem and how it is important to the area. One girl was sad to hear that only 5-10% of the Vernal pools still exist. She wants to grow up and make sure they are taken care of.

Sheila Lauk, 5th Grade Teacher, Empire Oaks Elem., FCUSD

We’ve been on a lot of field trips, and this one tops as a favorite. From beginning to end there was excellent communication, lessons linked to standards, engaging docents, and even fun takeaways (the kids and parents were so impressed with the leather tags and plants that grew just a few days later). And it was FREE! Thank you for an amazing hands-on opportunity for my Title 1 students.

Participating Teacher

Frog silhouette

Get Involved

Splash cannot do what we do without the generosity of donors and volunteers like you. If you would like to join us in our effort to connect youth to nature, join us!

photo of past volunteers in the Preserve