Insects, another type of invertebrate, are arthropods.  Like many other types of arthropods, insects have a hard shell and jointed legs.  In fact, arthro-pod means jointed-leg.  Insects have six jointed legs, which puts them in a class by themselves – the class Insecta.  Worldwide, nearly one million species of insects are known to exist.

The insects you will read about here all live in and around the vernal pools of Mather Field.  Probably hundreds more species of insects live there, but nobody has documented their presence to share with others. There is so much yet to be discovered.  So, what are you waiting for?  Grab an insect net and a jar to meet hundreds of new friends, each with three pairs of jointed legs!

Aquatic Beetles

The most common species of Aquatic Beetles in vernal pools come from two families: The Predaceous Diving Beetles (the Dytiscids) and the Water


Adult Mosquitoes are gray or black and have two scaly wings.  Females have a long, straw-like mouth for sucking blood.  Males look

Solitary Bees

These are small bees, often mistaken for a fly, if not observed closely.  They are black or dark gray, sometimes with gray hairs on the...