Public Tours

We can’t wait to share the Vernal Pools with you!

Splash offers four or five Vernal Pool Public Walks in Spring each year. Join us as we highlight the many critters and/or flowers in Mather Field!

We truly appreciate the hundreds of families and individuals who have come exploring with us in the past!

Before registering, please read this important information:

  • Tours last about two hours and are led mostly by volunteer docents.
  • Tickets are required and are done through Ticket Tailor.
  • If you are making reservations for a group, you are responsible for ensuring all participants have the information they need and for updating Splash if anyone is dropping from the group.
  • All tours run rain or shine.  You will be walking over uneven ground in direct sun or possibly rain.  Please come prepared with sturdy walking shoes, long pants, rain gear, and/or sunscreen & sun hats.
  • We will invite people from the waiting list as we receive cancellations.
  • If any member of your party requires special accommodations, please contact us.
  • We always welcome donations in support of our environmental science programs for local school children.

Critter Walks


During the wet phase, the Mather Field Vernal Pools host dozens of species of aquatic invertebrates.  Bigger critters, who eat them, come to the pools to dine:  frogs, snakes, shore birds, wading birds, and more.  If you want to meet them, along with their famous pool mates the Fairy Shrimp and Tadpole Shrimp, join us for a Critter Walk on:

2024 dates: 03 March, 24 March – events passed

2025 dates: TBD

Flower Walks


As the Spring sun warms the earth and the pools evaporates, the wet phase gives way to the flower phase.  During the month of April, flowers bloom in an ever-changing abundance of colorful rings and patches.  Each pool has its own assortment of flowers depending upon the soil, hydrology and many factors we don’t yet understand.  Come explore the blooming vernal pools with us!

2024 dates: 07 April & 21 April – events passed

2025 dates: TBD