Youth Environmental Leadership Camp

Help the environment and make new friends!

YELC begins with an immersive summer program for 6th/7th grade students. Campers will attend a one-week camp M-F from 8:30am-5:30pm. Camps will be kept small with a group of 15 (subject to COVID-19 protocols), where youth will become change-agents who design and implement climate-smart solutions aimed at improving air/water quality and/or natural habitats where they live.

After the camp, Splash will convene YELC campers monthly in a 2-hour after-school club for the remainder of the 12-month rolling year, where local environmental and business leaders will serve as mentors to guide students to implement environment-benefiting projects in their communities. Mentors are community leaders, naturalists, and environmental professionals who will ensure campers deliver a positive impact within their community. YELC will lay the foundation for an on-going, youth-led movement to conserve energy and protect air, water, and ecosystems from the impacts of urban life.


During the week-long camp, each day will cover topics related to:

  • Climate Change / Air Quality
  • Energy & Transportation
  • Water
  • Food Production / Consumption / Waste Management
  • Land Use / Natural Habitats
  • Project Management

The campers visit local sites for guided tours and experiences related to the topics listed above.  Campers will sample and collect data, gain experience using some of the tools and materials that scientists and engineers use in their work, as well as participate in hands-on activities at the Splash Science Center.

Campers will get the chance to engage with professional environmental scientists, engineers, social scientists, and environmental protection activists to learn about their careers and what they did in order to work in specific fields of expertise.


Campers will work together on a team project that has a positive impact on the environment and climate in their community.  They will learn about project management, from identifying & defining a problem, to planning & budgeting, and project implementation. Throughout the process, they will have the support of mentors and staff and Splash will provide a small project budget for each team.

Projects will be brainstormed, developed, and led by campers in groups of 4-6.  Mentors will guide the projects, and will also coach campers on their collaboration, engagement, listening and communication skills.  Each Project Team will aim to complete its project within the program year. At the end of that time, each Team will present their project to camp staff, mentors, and parents.


Students entering 6th and 7th grades who already have some interest in the environment or natural habitats and are interested in growing their knowledge through hands-on learning would make great YELC’rs!


What do campers need?

  • Lunch
  • Sunscreen already applied
  • Refillable Water Bottle
  • Water shoes and swim suit/water play clothes at least for Water Day (we’ll let you know if others)

What do we provide?

In addition to the experience,

  • FUN
  • All Program Materials
  • Transportation to all field excursions

What does it cost?

It may be hard to believe, but this program is FREE for campers!  Thanks to our generous sponsors and donors, we are able to provide this program at no cost to participants.

Special Thanks to these organizations for funding this program!

When is the camp?

2023 dates have not yet been determined, but will be in the June-July timeframe

how can we apply?

  • Parents with Campers – The 2022-23 Program is full. Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook to stay on top of Splash news and be first to hear when we open applications for 2023!
  • Campers – make a commitment to be an active participant in all aspects of the Program.

Splash will let parents know by the end of April if their child’s application has been accepted and, if so, which camp week their child is registered for.