Critterville’s Fascinating Journey 

Lu-Anne Spencer-Hartle, Critter Coordinator at Sacramento Splash since 2001, transformed the program’s single critter into a vibrant educational hub, Critterville, housing over 40 animals. Her dedication and passion for amphibians have made Critterville an integral part of Splash, providing students with powerful lessons on the impact of human actions on ecosystems.

Championing Environmental Education at Sacramento Splash

Discover how Eugene Lee, a dedicated board member at Sacramento Splash, combines nearly 36 years of public service with a passion for environmental education to drive transformative change in the Sacramento community. His impactful work and commitment to sustainable communities make every day Earth Day at Splash.

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YELC 2024 Wraps Up an Epic Summer

In this featured article, the Youth Environmental Leadership Camp (YELC) kicked off on June 3, ushering in an action-packed four-week journey for young environmental enthusiasts. Campers dove into a whirlwind of activities focused on water, food production, waste management, climate change, and more while exploring various career paths and connecting with professionals in the field. Read more about this transformative camp experience and its impact on the next generation of environmental stewards. 

Secretary of California Department of Food and Agriculture Visits Project AWE

Secretary Karen Ross’s recent visit to Project AWE left a profound impact, emphasizing our role in integrating agriculture, environmental stewardship, and water conservation into educational outreach. Her enthusiasm for our hands-on learning programs and partnerships underscores the significance of our efforts. Read more about Secretary Ross’s visit and the transformative impact of Project AWE’s educational initiatives in our community.

Share your Splash Memories

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YELC: A Summer Camp Sensation

We are thrilled to announce that Sacramento Splash Summer Camp has been honored with the prestigious title of ‘One of Sacramento’s Best Summer Camps’.

Experience The AWE-someness of Project AWE

In this featured article, we’re delighted to have Beth Bartkowski, Project AWE Program Manager, share her first-hand account of the transformative experiences students had with nature’s wonders, including Monarch Butterflies, Great Horned Owls, and more.