2022-2023 | A year in review

We are so pleased to present to you Sacramento Splash’s Annual Report. This report gives just a small snapshot of what we have been able to accomplish this fiscal year (July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023), thanks to your incredible support, generosity, and passion for environmental education. 

Although this is just a snapshot, the impact you’ve made has been great! How great, you say?

During this past year, you helped Splash to connect with more than 17,220 students and 572 teachers!

Here are a few more fun numbers for you:

🚌 Number of classes that visited the Nicolaus Dairy: 156

🐔 Number of chickens: 18

🐐 Number of Nigerian Dwarf goats: 3

🌊 Number of students that learned about stormwater pollution prevention: 6,930

🌼 Number of classes that learned about vernal pools: 100

🌎 Number of campers who learned about sustainability: 60

🎒 Percentage of participating classes from Title-I schools: 39%

There are many more heartwarming and incredible statistics in our Annual Report.

As you look through the report, please be sure to click on the link for the YELC highlight video–we really want to share this memorable experience with you! Special thanks to Dale Sanchez for capturing these moments and making this video. 

Sacramento Splash’s vision is a generation of children who value the natural world and take an active role in its protection. We could not make this vision a reality without the dedicated teachers who work tirelessly to bring quality educational experiences to their students. Teachers, we appreciate you more than you know!

Our vision is also carried through you, our friends, family, and generous supporters. We are so grateful for your unwavering support and your belief that environmental education matters.

With so much gratitude, 

Mackenzie Wieser
CEO, Sacramento Splash