Highlights of 2024 Public Tours!

Our dedicated Splash staff and experienced volunteer docents led our Public Tours at Mather Field Vernal Pools. During these tours, children and parents had the opportunity to explore the wet phase of the pools and learn about a diverse range of aquatic invertebrates, as well as critters like frogs and snakes. It was a unique and educational experience for all who attended.

As spring warmed the earth, the wet phase gave way to the flowering phase. In April, visitors were treated to a changing display of colorful rings and patches of flowers blooming. 

During the wet phase, students and parents were guided into the field to discover the wonders of the vernal pools. Guests observed various aquatic invertebrates, including fairy shrimp, water fleas, flatworms, and copepods.

Our Public Tours at Mather Field Vernal Pools provided a captivating experience, leaving guests feeling inspired and connected to the natural world. It was a unique opportunity to appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature and learn about the diverse ecosystem within the pools.