Board Member Spotlight

As the President & CEO of TW Strategies, a management consulting company, Nigel has guided both profit and non-profit companies to develop and execute strategies, focusing on enhancing profitability and expanding sales. 

His strategic focus on enhancing operations profitability and expanding top-line sales through domestic and international market  expansion has led to significant transformations in the manufacturing and service sectors over the past 33 years.

He was introduced to Splash by his stepdaughter, who was currently a transition consultant and hired Mackenzie as the new CEO. Nigel joined the board 3.5 years ago, spending two years as Treasurer and the last year and a half as Board President.

My decision to join the Board of Sacramento Splash was driven by my unwavering belief that the future of the environment and its inhabitants rests in the hands of our children and their children. I am deeply committed to nurturing their stewardship, education, and understanding, which I believe will foster their curiosity and prepare them to be responsible adults who value and protect our fragile environment,” Nigel said.

The Nicolaus Dairy Project AWE program for grades 2 thru 5 is not just a program, but a personal passion project“, says Nigel. It represents the pinnacle of his commitment to educating children in an environment that takes them away from the concrete, immersing them in the world of Agriculture, Water, Energy, and the Environment.

As Board President, Nigel is deeply involved in managing the organization, supporting our CEO Mackenzie, and organizing and chairing various board committees to ensure the continuous development and growth of Splash.

Nigel expresses,one of our biggest tasks currently and taking up most of my time is hiring a Director of DevelopmentThis new position provides a strategic opportunity to build a robust development plan to ensure sustainable funding for the organization.

With continuous funding from various sources and partners, Splash could deliver its six programs to the almost 18,000 students we serve every year. The role of the Director of Development is crucial in this endeavor.  

Our Director of Development will take a comprehensive approach to advancing the organization’s mission through fundraising, relationship building, and grant management. Reporting to the CEO and working closely with the board of trustees, this executive team member will execute the organization’s strategic plan, identify and solicit funds, and enhance public awareness of the organization.

Nigel, originally from England, reflects on his journey with amazement at the young environmentalists eagerly engaging in hands-on activities. His passion for fostering environmental stewardship in young minds is a testament to his belief in the future of our environment lying in the hands of our children and their children. 

Nigel currently resides in Rancho Murieta, where he enjoys golf, nature walks with his grandchildren, winemaking, and playing drums in a local rock band. Nigel’s legacy is one of dedication, passion, and an unwavering belief in the power of education and community to create a sustainable and vibrant future.

To learn more and apply for the Director of Development position click here.