Becky Milstrey

Director of Operations  (916) 364-2437


Becky grew up camping and hiking, which is when her mother taught her tree types and flowers as the family hiked.  She carried on the tradition with her own kids, when they were little.  That, and a love of animals large and small, has given Becky a tremendous appreciation for wild things and open spaces.

After earning a BA and Teaching Credential in Math from UCSB, Becky realized that she didn’t have the constitution required for full-time teaching (thank goodness for those who do!).  She helped manage Old Sacramento for a couple of years, then pursued a business career, and earned an MBA from UCD along the way.  After over 25 years in the corporate world, though, she decided she’d had enough of the rat race.  Becky became a consultant for Splash in January of 2021 and loved the mission and people so much that she became an employee that December.

Becky is now Splash’s Operations Manager, doing a variety of different things that help keep the organization running.  She was startled to learn how many children grow up without experiencing nature and learning little or nothing about it, when it had always been a part of her life.  Splash serves such an amazing purpose…how could she not want to be a part of it!