Brian Lindsay

Environmental Educator &
Critter Keeper
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Brian was born and raised in Monterey, CA, where he spent as much time as possible stomping through tide pools. Between the ocean and the coastal ranges it was paradise for a young naturalist. After high school, he moved to UC Davis, where he studied his twin passions of zoology and art. At Davis he curated the museum of invertebrates, managed a rattlesnake colony, and assisted in sea urchin research. Sea urchins are so much cooler than you know!

After college he worked for many years as a graphic designer for a Fortune 500 company, but working for Splash has saved him from that! Once again there are pools in his life – vernal this time – full of critters to explore, though he has been forbidden to stomp through them. Brian leads Splash field trips (both in Mather and Elk Grove), helps take care of Critterville (ask him about the snakes), helps take care of the Dairy (ask him about the chickens), and anything else that is requested of him including graphic work. He feels working with Splash is the best job ever!