Meet Splash’s Board Vice President – KHAIM MORTON

Splash operates under the guidance of our Board of Trustees, which provides behind-the-scenes direction and oversight to keep the organization mission-focused and always moving forward. You’ve met several of our dedicated board members who have been featured in prior newsletters. They are ALL incredibly experienced, skilled, community-minded, and strategic individuals. Splash Board Vice President Khaim Morton is no exception!

Khaim came to the Splash Board two years ago and has actively served the organization as a trustee, and by helping out with some of our programming. In fact, Khaim is currently a mentor for a group of middle-schoolers who completed Splash’s one-week intensive Youth Environmental Leadership Camp this past summer. He’s providing guidance for the group as they develop and implement an environmental project that will benefit their local community.

Khaim brings a wealth of experience to Splash! He is Principal and Founder of KRM Strategies, which helps clients with business development, including public policy issues, planning, grant research and writing, and government contracting opportunities. He works with clients ranging from emerging businesses to Fortune 500 companies. He has extensive experience in government positions, including Deputy Secretary for Legislation for the Government Operations Agency under former Governor Jerry Brown.

It’s Khaim’s love for the environment and his passion for bettering his community that steered him toward Splash! He got to know Mackenzie Wieser when they were both working in Governor Brown’s office and when they both were serving on the Climate Change Commission for the Mayors of Sacramento and West Sacramento. When Mackenzie was hired as the CEO of Splash, she asked Khaim to consider serving as a Splash board member.

Khaim Morton

Khaim shares, “What really drew me to Splash was its commitment to providing a resource for teachers, as well as fun and interactive lessons for kids that are science-based and focus on the environment. Additionally, I was impressed with Splash’s work to bring the Project AWE programming at the Nicolaus Dairy to fruition. It’s exciting to be part of an organization like Splash, which is on the forefront of environmental education in the Sacramento region and beyond!”

Khaim believes that his concern for the environment and his love for the great outdoors can be traced back to his growing up years in the Los Angeles area. He explains, “I’ve always liked getting outdoors. However, when I was young, I developed a desire for a cleaner environment because I grew up in Southern California. When the smog was really bad, we had Smog Alerts that could keep you from walking, much less playing outside! I wanted to do something to help improve the environment.”

During his time with Splash, Khaim has observed that, “Splash truly excels at connecting kids with nature, teaching them about the environment and how they can help it thrive! Kids have a chance to take what they’ve learned in class, using Splash’s hands-on science curriculum, and then apply it outside on their Splash field trip. The value of these experiences is immeasurable and I’m happy to be part of the Splash team that’s making it happen!”

Khaim, thank you for all you do! We appreciate you being part of our Splash family and helping to guide Splash into the future as a member of our board!