Board of Trustees Spotlight: Chloe Grinberg

Splash operates under the guidance of our Board of Trustees, which provides behind-the-scenes direction and oversight to keep the organization mission-focused and always moving forward. We are grateful that all of our Board members share a lifelong love of the environment – and Board trustee Chloe Grinberg is no exception!

When Chloe was 8 years old, her family moved to Mendocino. Even at that age, Chloe knew she was experiencing something beautiful. “I remember walking around on the headlands with my family and looking out at the ocean, thinking it was pretty amazing.”

When asked about her personal mission, Chloe states that “the mission that I work towards each day is creating materials so that we still have a world years from now that has the environment that we enjoy today.”

Chloe has been a member of the Splash Board of Trustees for 6 years, serving in several different Board positions throughout her time at Splash. Not only does she bring her passion for the environment and her expertise in environmental toxicology, but she is also skilled at growing organizations, helping them to broaden their programming in a sustainable way. We’re so glad we have Chloe on our team, especially during these times of organizational growth at Splash!

Chloe always knew that she wanted a career that enabled her to make a positive impact on society. Growing up in a place as beautiful as Mendocino, Chloe understood how important it was to protect the environment and how special it was to know and be close to it. This understanding led to Chloe achieving her degree in chemistry with an emphasis on forensics. “A big part of my education was around environmental toxicology classes that talked about environmental impact and how toxins can get into the environment. This led me to a career in carbon negative materials.”

When it comes to carrying out Splash’s mission, Chloe is passionate about getting kids outside and connecting with nature. “Our world revolves so much around being on devices. Kids now have less and less time to be outdoors and experience nature. If they don’t get to do this now, they will not only miss out on one of the true pleasures that life has to offer, but they won’t understand why it’s so important to protect nature. In order for people 100 years from now to have all that nature has to offer, we need to educate children to protect this resource.”

Thanks, Chloe! Splash is lucky to have you on our Board of Trustees, where you help move our mission forward, allowing us to connect more kids to nature every year.