Many other invertebrates live in vernal pools and the surrounding prairie.  They belong to various groups.  You will meet three of them here but there are dozens more to discover on your own.

The Water Mite has eight legs, so it is grouped with spiders, rather than insects.  Aquatic Snails are mollusks; like clams they have a shell and no legs at all.  Flatworms have no shell and no legs.  Several species of flatworms and snails live in vernal pools.  Each occupies its own niche in the aquatic food web.

Aquatic Snails

Freshwater snails are not as colorful as their saltwater cousins.  In general, their shells come in shades of gray, brown, and black, often with


Although they are called flatworms, these invertebrates are not flat.  They are round-bodied with a flat belly.  They are longer than they

Water Mites

Several species of Water Mites live in vernal pools.  The most obvious one looks like a fat spider with a bright red, round body.  It...