Popcorn Flower

Popcorn-flower is a member of the fiddleneck family.  Flower buds are held in a tight coil (spiral) at the top of the plant.  The


Spokepod is a member of the mustard family.  The tiny flowers have four petals and are white.  The seed pods are flat disks hanging from...

White Hyacinth

White Hyacinth is a member of the lily family.  Each flower has three petals and three sepals.  But in Triteleia the sepals are colored

White Meadowfoam

White Meadowfoam is a member of the meadowfoam family.  The lower stems and leaves have long silky hairs.  The outer sepals are also

White Navarretia

White Navarretia is a member of the phlox family.  Each small white flower is a long tube with five lobes or petals.  The flowers are...